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Playing Games or Loving Your Job

Do you love your job?




Or do have you difficulties waking up?



My Experience as HR Head

I was 22 when a pharmaceutical store hired me as an HR head. I could tell at the onset of interview that this company has not had a formal HR setting. For one, the owner interviewed me just around the counter where customers placed their orders; I was just standing while trying to understand what the interviewer was asking.

What to Expect From HR Training Seminars

Training seminars for the HR department


The human resource of a company is its greatest asset. Therefore, the HR department plays a crucial role in a company’s success. HR personnel need to be well-trained so that they can recruit the right people for the company and provide the best working environment so that productivity is enhanced.

HR training seminars are important and effective ways to educate and equip HR personnel for the job. They can provide innovative skills and strategies to recruit employees, reduce attrition, and promote employee development and productivity.


How to start with HR Outsourcing

How to outsource the HR management function?


Humans are the best asset of any company irrespective of its size. Managing or outsourcing the human resource function effectively is essential for the success of every company. However, human resource management could be an extremely complex process.

Trained personnel and dedicated staff would be needed to take care of this very important function. One of the best options is to outsource this task to a company that specializes in this field. Here is how to start with HR outsourcing.

5 Essential Components of HR Software Applications

 HR Software Applications out of a box


HR software applications are essential to any business who wants to run their operations in a smooth and seamless manner. There are a lot of components, each equally important in an effective human resource program. Here is a simple overview of the basic components and their function.


1. Recruitment


 JobCred CV Builder to make, write and download your curriculum vitae and to get free CV templates. Great for recruitment as well.

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